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The Adventures of Wally and WC

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Wally and WC (Wally's Cousin) have been on some unusual trips this year.


We would like you to write some stories to go with their adventures. We will pick one story to go with each picture of Wally or WC.


Each story will be posted with the picture of Wally or WC on the wiki and shared with everyone.



Click on the links to see where Wall or WC have been so far this year.

Wally in Nova Scotia- Wally went to Nova Scotia,Canada  with Mrs. Smith as part of an Earthwatch Expedition to study other mammals.  He was hoping to meet some of his cousins. He met many nice people from all over the world.



Wally in Mt LeConte -Wally hiked up to Mt. Leconte with Mr. and Mrs. Smith.It was a very hard hike, very cold and snowy. Mt. Leconte is 6500 feet high. He was not sure if he was going to make it to the top.


Wally in Switzerland-

Over the winter break, Wally went to Zermatt, Switzerland. This town is located in the Alps Mountain range in Europe. To get there he had to fly on a plane and ride on a train. While he was there he saw a great mountain called the Matterhorn.  He also was able to ski on a glacier, and ride on a ski lift.  On Christmas day it snowed and Wally met some friends.


WC in IsraelDuring Winter Vacation, WC (Wally’s cousin) visited the country of Israel.  Israel is located on the Mediterranean Sea just east of the continent of Africa.  Being about the same size as the state of New Jersey, it is a very small country.  WC flew from Tampa Airport to Newark, New Jersey, and then took an international (from one country to another) flight east across the Atlantic Ocean, over eastern Europe, and southeast across the Mediterranean Sea landing in Israel 18 hours later.

    WC was there during the eight day holiday of Hanukkah.  He enjoyed seeing hanukiot (Hanukka menorahs or candelabras) hanging from every light post just like the Christmas decorations here in America. Smelling the aroma of the many different kinds of donuts commonly eaten during this holiday made him want to taste each kind!

    Although WC spent most of his trip in Jerusalem the capital of Israel, he did some traveling too.  He went to ancient sites (as old as almost 4,000 years) and a modern twenty-first century mall!  WC traveled over mountains and across a desert, saw camels, ‘tasted’ new foods like shwarma and St. Peter’s fish (found only in the Sea of Galilee), learned to recognize some Hebrew (the language spoken in Israel) words like ‘toilet’, and met many wonderful people. 

    WC had such a wonderful time!  He can’t wait to find out where he will be traveling next!



WC in Hawaii


WC in Egypt


Wally in Washington, DC -Wally went to Washington, DC to see all the Cherry Blossoms. While he was there he saw some famous monuments such as the White House, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument. He also got to see Marine One bring President Obama back to the White House.



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